Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

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Our Effluent treatment Plants offers active and effective solutions to waste or sewage odour control. It also helps in reduction in the BOD, clarification, ventilation, phosphorous & nitrogen elimination and more. Our process specialists work in tandem with our skilled design team to learn a variety of diverse factors that contribute and add to a plant’s design, which also includes effluent requirements, land availability, energy, labour and clearance costs.

Post the preliminary process, we then make use of our widespread process knowledge, proficiency and product expertise, analysing the effectiveness of each process, their communication with other constituents, and at the same time enhancing and improving the overall effectiveness of the whole system from start to finish.

Shiva Global Environmental Pvt. Ltd. Has a good practice guide which majorly deals with improvising the overall performance of the sewage or waste treatment plant to further minimize the overall operating costs which can also help decrease the environmental pollution. Most companies which operate these effluent treatment plants to minimize the prospective for pollution of receiving waters and to act in accordance with the discharge consent circumstances. There is an efficient management and control of the processes which is utilized for effluent treatment that can help you to achieve the below mentioned pointers :

  • It can help minimize your overall operating costs and can further help in increasing overall profits.

  • You can accomplish more active obedience with legislation.

  • You can also improvise your company's public image.

NEED OF ETP is mentioned in detail in the pointers below :

  • Water is considered as the elementary requirement of life and it can be utilized for a variety of diverse purposes; such as water used for the purpose of industrial use.

  • Most of the Industries usually take out water from various rivers or lakes but in turn they have to pay hefty taxes for the same.

  • So it is of utmost importance for them to reuse that to further minimize the cost and also safeguard it.

  • The key function of our ETP is to uncontaminated the industry effluent and the recycle it so that it is fit and appropriate for further use.

OUR ETP is Suitable For below mentioned areas :

We make available the effluent treatment plants for the below mentioned industries :

  • Metal finishing, Automotive, Steel industries and Electroplating industries

  • It is also used for Dying OR Bleaching processes, tanneries, for the purpose of laundry in the Textile Industry

  • It is also used for Acid - Alkali treatment in the chemical industries and also for the purpose of recovery of chemical

  • It is also used in the Paper & pulp Industry and also in the Leather Industry

  • It has usage for Oily waste water – in the automobile sector and refineries

  • It has wide use in Pharmaceutical & food industries

  • Can be utilised for the Conventional ETP

  • Also used in the Thermal power stations, Rubber industries and for a variety of Fertilizers

  • It has usage in the Engineering unit & forging unit

  • ETP cam also be used in the Hotel & the hospitality industries

  • It has varied usage in the Commercial, institutional and residential arrangements

Effluent Treatment Plant Key Features are mentioned as below :

  • ETP in itself has a completely personalized Designed System

  • It comes with feature like less Operation cost and almost negligible maintenance or repair cost.

  • It is quite operator friendly i.e. it doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge

  • It is simple and hassle free to Upgrade

  • The Technology has been approved by CPCB widely known as Central Pollution Control Board.

  • It is Appropriate for CDM advantage.

  • It also helps in minimizing the overall operating cost

Benefits and Advantages of E T P are mentioned as below :

  • These plants are completely integrated in such a way that they have an zero discharge system.

  • The By Product or resultant is a marketable product in most of the cases.

  • It generally make entire use of the condensate water.

  • It is compressed or dense plant which needs very less space.

  • There is No Scaling & Foam formation in the evaporator.

  • It is considered as a User friendly plant which is easy and hassle free to operate.